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Types of Carcinogens You Thought are Safe

A carcinogen is anything that is known to lead to the formation of cancer. There is the need to know that the carcinogens could be in anything that you use on your daily life. you, however, need to know that contacting the carcinogenic substances does not mean that you have cancer. As a result of the genetic difference, some people will get cancer while others will not when they come into contact with carcinogenic substances. The following are some of the carcinogens that people have considered safe in the past.

There is the need to start with tobacco. Tobacco is prepared from the tobacco plant and consumed as cigarettes and in hookah pipes. People tend to ignore this form of carcinogen in a great way. There is the need to know that the life expectancy of tobacco smoke is 10 years less than that of a person who doesn’t smoke. It is therefore important to consider stopping using tobacco if you want to live long.

There is the need to know that alcohol too is carcinogenic. There are many types of cancers that are known to associate with excessive consumption of alcohol. There is the need to know that taking alcohol leads to the formation of acetaldehyde which metabolizes to form acetate. There is the need to know that taking alcohol leads to accumulation of fats that cause obesity. Obesity has been known to lead to cancer and hence the need to be careful of consuming excess alcohol.

The other carcinogen that you need to be aware of is radon. This is a common gas that is usually colorless and odorless and found in the soil, air, and water. In concentrated amount, there is the need to know that radon is carcinogenic. It is important that you know that you need to choose better ways of killing weeds in your farm as methods such as the use of Roundup weed killer are harmful to your health.

The other carcinogen that you thought was safe is processed meat. There is the need for you to understand that sausages, bacon, and lunch meat are carcinogenic. The reason is that they contain nitrates which are the compounds that have carcinogens. The moment the nitrates in the named foodstuff is heated, it metabolizes to nitrosamines which are known to be carcinogenic.

You need to ensure that you know of these carcinogens that people assume to be safe. It is important to ensure that you consider looking at these carcinogens to avoid making mistakes that will lead to getting cancer. Cases where you have cancer for using the above carcinogens, you need to consider hiring an attorney to help you.