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Tips to stay Safe from the Exposure of the Following Home Toxins.

There are more than 167 million chemicals that humans are exposed to consistently, unfortunately, less than 1{e17434ab714770538cd820eb6b6b9526d0c0e42af5a48559dabfdf567e8dbacf} of these chemicals are tested for toxicity.
If you are among those people who would like to learn more about these toxic chemicals and the most common ones, the go through this website to get as much information as possible.
The first toxin that we will discuss on this page is Phthalates. Some of the sources that can bring Phthalates in your home include vinyl blinds, vinyl flooring, different cleaning products, and even personal care products including perfume, shampoo, and deodorant among others. When one is continuously exposed to Phthalates this can cause developmental abnormalities. This is why it is very important to learn the best possible way that you can be able to reduce this exposure.
PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) are some of the most common industrial chemicals that are used as flame retardants and can expose you to health complications. Some of the problems that are associated with PBDEs include thyroid dysfunction, poor reproductive health, and also it causes poor memory
The following will help you to reduce the exposure to PBDEs. PBDEs toxins are also found in dust.
VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals that can easily be vaporized, and in turn, can bring gas pollutants into your house. Some of the VOC toxins are found in household products including carpets. Some of the side effects when one is exposed to VOCs toxins include throat, eye, or nose irritation. One can develop cancer, get kidney or liver damage. It is important to read labels when buying products to ensure that they are VOC-free however, if it is a must that you bring products that have VOC into your home then you must let them off-gas. Of-gassing is another way that you can reduce the exposure of VOCs toxins, especially if you buy the products and realize that they contain Volatile Organic Compounds.
One can also be exposed to Dioxins. The incineration of municipal and commercial waste, burning of coal, oil or wood are some of the processes that can expose you to dioxin toxins. There are different issues associated with dioxin exposure, hence for you to avoid exposure to dioxin you need to avoid the burning of any unsafe products in your fireplace, including items like PCP- treated wood, plastics because these are some of the items that contain chlorine.
Molds are other dangerous toxins that can expose you to health issues, like respiratory problems especially to those people that are asthmatic or have allergies, molds can cause migraines, fatigue, and headaches.