Jun 20,2012

Breathe Of Life Music Video

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From the official ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ soundtrack, here’s the official music video of the song ‘Breathe Of Life’.

You can pre-order it at Amazon by clicking here

Jan 12,2012

Theft Warning Pilar Prada / Maria del Pilar Prada Flores / madelp_46

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hey just wanted to post this warning

Please be warned about the scammer named “Pilar Prada.” She also goes by Maria del Pilar Prada Flores / madelp_46@hotmail.com / fadingspells.tumblr.com / rfloresa3@hotmail.com / Maria del Pilar Amparo Prada Flores / Ruth Flores Altamirano

She stole $278.82 of a webmaster’s paypal funds.

A police report has been filed regarding the theft and there is a pending criminal case against her. Do not deal with her.

If you want to see a copy of the police report or know more details about the situation email winterblossomss@hotmail.com

She used the paypal funds that she stole to buy things for herself – this is fraud.

She has also taken thousands of dollars worth of things that do not belong to her. To get those things, she was not upfront about her intentions and misled the sender into believing certain things that were not true to obtain the items. She deceived a webmaster into making a purchase order for her for over $158 of items online with a credit card in return for paypal funds. She ran off with the paypal funds instead. Do not ever send her money through paypal or western union, she will find ways to scam your money.

Re-post this on your blog/facebook/twitter to warn others

Mar 11,2011

Kristen to be Vogue’s February Cover girl

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@CastorReigns – Vogue cover girls: Kristen Stewart (February), Lady Gaga (March), Rihanna (April). Interesting choices.

Jan 17,2011

[Co-Star Robert Post] 1/16 – new on the set Pix of Water For Elephants from yesterday

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Robert Pattinson all bloody on set of Water For Elephants in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Jan 15,2011

Robert post

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Kristen hasn’t been doing much lately, so… I’ve decided to post something on her co-star robert pattinson since he is filming a new movie and there are some candids on him, credit: robertandkristen.org

1/14 Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon on set of “Water for Elephants” in Los Angeles, USA

Jan 04,2011

Like our host on facebook

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This is a plug for our host. Go to http://fanfusion.org and click “Like” on their facebook page on the sidebar!

Dec 31,2010

Site for adoption

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I don’t have time to run the site anymore so it’s up for adoption, go apply at fanfusion.org/apply

Dec 08,2010

k-stewart.net misses andrea :(

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This is the final msg to andrea. k-stewart.net misses andrea. :( k-stewart.net her and hope the best things for her to come :( but k-stewart.net wants her to come back.

i’ve saved all the files to my pc now. so even if my host kicks me off or deletes the site, i still have them. and everything that ksc (the stolen copied site) adds, will be put at its original, old home (k-stewart.net), and i will give the ftp and cpanel to anyone who wants it. so that revamp that they’re doing, you can be sure that everything that is added will simply be put on its old home as well. they copied the entire site of k-stewart.net so they shouldn’t be the one to talk about copying. so if andrea doesn’t come back to k-stewart.net, basically everyone in the world will have a copy of k-stewart.net

so did you guys all get that!? i’ve just downloaded the entire ftp of k-stewart.net to my computer – and i will be adding everything that ksc added to k-stewart.net since she copied the site first. then anyone who wants the FTP will have it. she’s doing this to herself lol

Oh and dont bother emailing the host b/c if they kick me off or find someone else to run the site then I will just upload the files that I saved to my PC to another host, cause now i have the files and databases on my PC so i already saved them.

to spread the love :)
cause k-stewart.net only loves her :)

i hope you get it. dont waste your time. she can continue to revamp but soon the whole world will have the files if she does not return.

k-stewart.net <3 andrea :)

who wants the FTP to k-stewart.net? :) it is being updated daily with new files :)
email me iheartmatthewm@gmail.com to get it

Ppl who have gotten it so far:
Jose @ www.kristen-stewart.net
Medi @ www.kstewcentral.com

Cool sites :D