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How to Choose an Electrician

There’s nothing wrong with calling in an electrician for the most minor electrical jobs. In fact, it’s probably the best thing to do. When it comes to electrical wiring, you should never take chances. Question is, how do you go about choosing a good electrician?

Seeking Referrals

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. This is typically the safest route to an electrician (or any tradie actually). If you can’t get any referrals for whatever reason, go online.

Getting Estimates

After getting some names, call each of these electricians and request for a quote from each. See if they charge hourly and how much and if there will be an additional charge for a call out. Also see to it that these quotes are complete: all materials to be used and their prices must be included.

Work Guarantees

When considering an electrician, make it a point to ask if they will provide a work guarantee. If not, it only means one thing – they’re not sure of what they’re doing, so you shouldn’t take the risk with them.


One thing you should remember is that not all electricians are the same. As with other types of tradesmen, they specialize in particular kinds of electrical work. Hire someone whose knowledge and skills match the job at hand, even if you have to pay a higher cost.

Local or National

Know whether an electrician is working independently or under a national company. The latter is likely more expensive, but it helps to know that they passed the often strict vetting and hiring standards of national companies. On the other hand, local electricians have personal ties within your community and will not attempt anything that destroys their good name.

License and Insurance

Definitely, you should hire an electrician only if they hold a valid license within your jurisdiction and have insurance. Hiring someone without both is just too risky on your part.

Client References

Client references are the closest thing to actually having an experience with an electrician. If the electrician hesitates to give client references, they might be hiding something.

Better Business Bureau

Check with the Better Business Bureau to know if the electrician you’re eyeing has been the subject of customer complaints in the past. If so, see how the problem was fixed and if the customer was happy with how the issue was handled.

Your Instincts

Lastly, pay attention to your instincts. Even if you’re not technically knowledgeable, sometimes, you will feel it when they’re overcharging or overstating the extent of the job just to make more money.

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